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    People with a remarkable level of disability have increasingly been choosing to continue living at home instead of moving to assisted living.

  • How a Residential Cleaning Service Helps Disabled Customers Continue to Live Independently.

    One barrier to a disabled person continuing to live at home alone is the trouble in completing housecleaning tasks. With the help of an award winning cleaning company, this man or woman can keep the place sparkling and tidy without having to burden relatives and close friends with these tasks. From dusting and vacuuming to doing the laundry and changing the sheets, the maid service is ready to accomplish numerous routine and occasional projects for customers.


    Cleaning Service Tasks


    People with a remarkable level of disability have increasingly been choosing to continue living at home instead of moving to assisted living. They reject the idea that they cannot manage in a household of their own. They may rely on Las Vegas cleaning services to help them with weekly chores like mopping the floors and cleaning the bathroom, and less-frequent projects like washing windows and ceiling light fixtures. The housekeepers complete tasks that many people rarely even think about, such as vacuuming behind appliances and wiping the top of the refrigerator.


    Making the Decision


    It can take quite a while before a person accepts that help is needed from an organization like Superb Maids. It becomes clear that friends and family members have been spending additional time on housekeeping tasks for this man or woman, and this may make the disabled person start feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable. This person doesn't want those close relationships turned into caregiving situations.


    An Empowering Lifestyle


    The Independent Living Institute and the National Council on Independent Living explain that this type of lifestyle is empowering for disabled individuals. The choice to continue residing at home may be viewed as a societal movement of sorts that is taking hold globally.


    Although these men and women are likely to need medical care for their health disorder, they don't define themselves by their medical condition. They continue doing as much as they can, even if they have to use a walker or wheelchair to get around. They may no longer be able to keep the house as clean as they would like, and they find a maid service to be a satisfactory solution.


    Developing a Plan


    When contacting an organization providing residential cleaning service, the prospective customer can schedule an appointment for a representative to discuss the programs offered. Together, they can develop a plan of action that will be most suitable for the disabled individual's needs. Often, a new customer would like a deep cleaning of the residence and then after that, have weekly or twice-monthly service.